Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Thursday Tales prompt by missrockstarr

Take my hand and guide me.
I want to be caged in your heart like a bird.
Shush me with a kiss tonight, 
let my lips escape no word

Days will be better only if YOU are here.
 Stay by me if life is too hard to bear.
 Forgive me of this never ending craze.
 When life is too tough to handle,
 for survival, we will find our ways

Why do you feel you are sorry-sad?
I am there to hold your hand. 
Close your eyes and go there, shine.
Welcoming arms wait you here, what are you, if not mine?

Some call me arrogant, some call me a geek
. Would you ever understand, I wonder, what I seek? 
And then you suddenly call me your love.
 I smile, shake my head and send a thanks up above


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Abhinav Chandel said...

I soooooooooooo much love this poem. Wow. *hugs*

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