Monday, October 8, 2012

Someone else's dream...

Ink stops flowing, words halt.
Everything restricts, everything repeats.
I see her happily beaming at him,
And someone else is living my dream.

She looks at me from far below,
I appear nonchalant, I go with the stream.
I am the pinnacle I don't want to be,
I am living someone else's dream.

Why would anyone want to be,
Realization suddenly dawns on me.
This is a real world and it's my reality,
But certainly, I am living someone else's dream.

I live her dream, she lives mine.
But she is what I want to be,
Suddenly, its too late to realiz
That I too, am someone else's dream.


A curious case of missing Felix Felicis

Felix Felicis, as all Harry Potter fans would know, is a potion of luck, it makes the drinker lucky till its in their body system.
Well, it seems today that it has disappeared from Harry's world and has come into mine. It is my time to shine today, as Homer puts it, Spree's 'aristeia'. Anyhow, who would have thought that sharing an auto with a complete stranger would make you a receiver of random acts of kindness from nature and it would make you realize that 'Nice' still exists in the world, eh?
What happens when its an open book test of the most difficult novel in your course and you haven't even touched it? Let alone giving an open book test, you don't even know which chapter contains what? You come all prepared to cheat and the teacher gives test questions as an assignment and well, the test gets postponed till next week. Unbelievable, right?
The best part? I have been able to write after a long hiatus. The way h like it. Inspired and unstoppable. Ink flows from my pen and I couldn't be more glad.
I have an assignment to submit and a spanish test tomorrow. I wish to turn them around and procastinate them too. With my luck for a few hours that have been passed away on this day, who knows it might come to be true after all? Harry won't even miss his Felix Felicis for a day but I can definitely use some.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

I wish...

The red lake stares at me unflinchingly. It mocks me, declaring that what was mine yesterday is not mine to keep anymore. As I bend over it, it forms a puddle. Stoically, I muse over my glorious days. Proud as I was, waving and flicking my own ruby jewels, never did I think that they would be stolen away so quickly and easily. I might get everything back but not my own jewels, I let myself indulge in wishful thinking. What does a woman wish for? I wish for something that's now impossible, well out of my reach. My own longing makes me aware of my own futility, my own rampant materialistic desire. But we are mere mortals, aren't we?


P.S this is a totally unedited post. I have written it in a daze, in a Classical literature's class. I had a vision in mind while writing this. Eventhough I am not sharing it here, I would love to know your point of view. Tell me, What is the woman wishing for? :-)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

What's in my Bag?

It feels so long that I wrote anything on my blog. Exams, Short road trips, Catching up with sleep and playing with my dog, All these kept me busy and away from writing. I received some mails from you guys that missed my blog and its freshness (I loved the line, Cass!). It should have been a grease of salt on my pain but I was so happy that I decided to do a personal write up here.I am back and how. I was catching up with some blog reading and I see there is a trend going around with the bloggers to write about "What's in their bag".

It caught my attention and here I am, with my own version and my bag contents. :-) Read on...

I have this cute Mustard Baggit bag, an extendable sling with gives me a feel of Hermione's Extendable bag. (Though it can't hold up unlimited amount of stuff, I love to have the feel of it anyway)

I keep make up essentials in my bag. Life in a metro can be pretty thick and when you look good, You feel good. There is my Maybelline gel eyeliner which NEVER smudges (Pinky swear) and it relieves me of my burden of reapplying kohl every two hours and again, BB cream which actually has 8 goodies packed in one. Moisturizer, Sunscreen, Foundation and Blah! Using it is a habit now and it conceals my patchy skin, so good enough eh?

I love my Aviator sunglasses. They are so chick and amazing, they almost cover up all of my face and protect me from the blazing sunlight and well, they are so trendy that my friends keep asking me to lend it to them or well, Gift it to them on their birthday. Yeah, my own. Sigh.

Since I love writing and ideas pop so unexpectedly that you can't help but write it, I hate typing on a touch phone which I am currently using so I have a cute diary, made by rural empowered women, some colored pens and some book. I always have a book lest I get bored in the Metro and start reading it. I am currently reading the Professor by Charlotte bronte and it truly is a classic. I love it. It's a recommendation, yes. :)

Since you might not know already, I am a foodie. I love popping something in between classes, conversations and what works better than a sugar kick in middle of a random, boring day. I love these Ice breaker sours I bought from a store a month ago, It says its Sugar free but we all know it isn't. I can Guarantee it is worth every penny you spend on it.

What else? I keep my Wallet of course. It has Cash, Metro card, some random bills and my pen drive. A sanitizer, my lucky charm a little Hanumanji who works as a charmer that he already is and cheers me up, Some fresh wipes because you really can't leave in my city without Fresh wipes. Scorching heat will burn you up and even before you reach home, You would be toasted up and totally be ready to eat food material.

Oh Oh and there is this little seeti (Whistle or better still, I call it PheePhee) my brother gave me as a souvenir of my Chandigarh trip, No I didn't enjoy much and the PheePhee is ordinary and we got it out of a Fun Flips pack, I am in love with the colors, the sound and the hell it irritates out of people. It's shrill, Harsh, gives me a kick and almost like me when I am in a bad mood. :-)

That's about it. What are your bag contents?

shoot me a mail.

Take care

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Of Unnamed love and loss

She had just read that morning, a quote by einstein that read- if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough yourself. In a moment like that, all she could remember was this. She went to wash her face, to cool herself down with the running water.

Instead, she looked in the mirror. her own eyes bloodshot, hair rakish. "I know it simply enough." she could explain it to herself, others she wasn't sure. She had never seen him, met him, never heard his voice, never heard of him from any of his friends but she knew him well enough. She loved him. Was that what pain was? what she went through? Splashing water through the face just to make way for a fresh batch of hot tears. She had talked to him of every minute about her life. She felt him, secured him so deeply in her heart taht nobody could ever take place of him, she knew he wasn't handsome. She never cared. Not rich, she wasn't bothered. She had been camouflaging her usual chirpy self in front of everyone, she know beheld her soul naked in front of her eyes.

She didn't like what she saw. Smeared kohl, quivering lips, runny nose. yes, she was a writer and yet words didn't come easily to her. Love never came naturally to her but when she did, it hit her with full force. She craved for a man she no longer knew, for he was changed. what caused him to drive away, she knew not. Fear of her love or infidelity. She seeked shelter. she seeked peace. In death. In blood. With a sardonic smile, no ifs no buts, she held her wrist, got it cut and she quit.

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