Saturday, December 10, 2011

A few of my favorite things

Someone asked me a few days back about my favorite things. That three year old kid apparently had to do his homework for school, interview people about their favorite things. To make him get going as soon as possible, I listed out a few random things that came in my mind- Ice creams, books, Romantic movies, Jewelry, Iced tea et al. He went home happy munching on the Kitkat I gave him. 
But at night, when the whole world slept, darkness as usual scared the hell out of me and I got around thinking of my favorite things. What would actually make me happy?

1. World peace? My world is peaceful in its own shell, Thank you very much, the change I need in the world is not to be seen around for many more decades to come.

2. Ice creams? They give me momentary satisfaction, yes, but then it finishes too soon.Blackcurrant ice cream. If I ever become an ice cream vendor, the kids are NEVER going to get any of it, I am going to slurp it all.

3.  Jewelry? Only when I am in a good mood. Not otherwise. I can buy Earrings anytime, anywhere if I find a good pair, usage depends. :)

4. Everybody love their friends but I yearn for solitude too.

5. Books, only when the hero rescues the princess and they live happily ever after. Oh well, That's me.

6. I love travelling, Seriously I do. I have motion sickness but without caring about it, I think of the new interactions with people and environment and I feel happy.

7. Archie's Comics make my day. Anytime, Gimme one, If you want me to keep quiet and I will happily engage myself with Juggie's gluttony and Betty-Veronica's fights. Archie, the main character is not my favorite. Overrated. Jughead is cute.

8. I love my dog- Cheers, that's his name. Jee Haan.  His antics, Tail wagging, Ears twitching is somewhat I will always enjoy, No matter what my mood is. An insight to Cheer's life.

9. Shoes. Sigh. I have 49 pair of shoes but they are not enough. I keep breaking the buckle or sole, the color fades but still, I keep them and keep buying more. A good pair of footwear is always welcomed.

10. Rain, The best of all. I love it. There was a phase when I started getting annoyed by the constant loud spattering but now, I enjoy it too. Rain is almost spiritual for me. It gives me a sense of hope, of constant companionship, of music.

11. Lastly, I can always use a smile. Silly grins, mysterious smile, The smile that makes people think you have lost it, Dreamy smile, All's well. Particularly, I love the grin when someone is drunk and is trying to act all sensible and NON-goofy but he goofs up anyway. My brother does that, I laugh when he does that. I can SEE he is drunk but NEVER EVER would I let the elders rebuke him. Our defense mechanism you see. My favorite thing in the world? All my loved ones laughing together, The joke is always on me, I feel bad obviously but the incredible smile is to be cherished, always.

Keep smiling always,

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Meow said...

49 Pair of shoes??? Super!! I've hundreds of earrings :D but only 8 pairs of sandals. Once it is torn, I will throw it off! :) and I love rain too :))

Nishtha said...

i love blackcurrent ice cream with all my heart too! And i just realisesd that our likes and dislikes are very, very similar! :-D

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