Monday, December 19, 2011

Lucky Charm

Its often that we hear.. Be grateful for what you have. Or be careful what you wish for, it might just come true. Sitting back one night, I began wishing for magic. Pure magic in my life. What is the harm in asking for some sprinkle of the zest of abracabra in my world, eh? Nothing bad. Magic didn't happen. Well, it didn't. It broke my heart badly. I have a theory that god can't see me happy so he carefully pricks where it hurts most. Before sleeping, I pray. Just a little that helps me have a good nap, a nap without horrendous dreams. I prayed for the magic again. That night, in my dreams, I saw my little dog, when he was a month old.. Learning to climb stairs, yes, I was the one who taught him how to climb stairs but didn't teach how to use them to go downstairs too. A little later, I saw two men wishing me good luck before each and every important event of my life, a competition, an exam or anything that makes me nervous. One of them, says I am proud of you and that makes me the happiest girl in the world. The other one is the one I love the most in the world, no one can shake my faith in any of them. Those two men, needless to say, are my two brothers, who mean the world to me. And yet again, I see a woman, who slaps me when I am wrong and then feeds me with her own hands because she can't eat before I eat. (She has to check the food supply of the entire clan after I eat.) She is my mother, the ONLY one who takes care of what I am and what I want, its always about me when I am with her. And there is this guy. I am ME when I am with him. He encourages me with intelligent talks, he is my teacher, a friend, a lover.  He dreams what I dream and HE makes sure I achieve them. He talks to me when I am afraid, explains the little somethings that mean a lot later in life. He is my soul. My conscience. The world doesn't know him, he is protected safely in the chambers of my heart beat, lives with my heartbeat.

Waking up, I didn't realize what the dream was about. Then I know. Magic happened. I knew what my miracle was. I was blessed with what people call family, I call them lucky charms. The world is materialistic, has various stones et al as charms, my charms live with me always. My miracles understand life and share it with me everyday. It is a formality to say that I love them, because it's stronger than that. I would rather say I BELIEVE in them, therefore they are. What the world calls as  people, I name them my Serendipity.

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Nishtha said...

It just reminded me of the wonderful fact that i am lucky to have some laid-back magicians, hidden inside a cloak of humility, in my own life. Beautiful! <3

Danny said...

Reminds me of the fact - life is simple actually

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