Monday, February 27, 2012

A case of unlucky birthdays

I write this post exactly after a month on this blog, not because I had nothing interesting to write on but because of crunch of time.  Hitherto, the crunch was due to procrastination, I won’t let it affect me lest I stop writing.  Basically, I have a theory. Birthdays are unlucky. Every time on my birthday, something bad happens with me. This time- My blackberry broke down and I am back on my boring Nokia phone.
I am dizzy as I write this because I am in a very boring conference, realizing how lame birthdays are.  A birthday is a day to spend in solitude, not necessarily alone and do what you love. The concept of birthdays has been overhyped and sensationalized.  The wishes upon candles don’t really come true and the day is spent well…doing nothing. Come think of it, what did I do exactly? Nothing substantial. Nothing I wanted to.  Are birthdays any good anymore?
I used to look forward to my birthday as a kid all the year and now, I dread the date for no particular reason.  But then again, when the ever optimistic I return, I reckon that birthdays are not so bad after all.
You get to spend the entire day with your best friend; your friends treat you like princess.  Also, on which other day do you feel you are blessed with people in your life who are there to wish you good luck on a special day? I got over a hundred messages on FB and more than three score of wishes on phone.  No, I didn’t get a cake but I got to cut a pizza instead.  I didn’t get to blow candles on my birthday but I got to blow imaginary candles on an apple tart.
I have to see the best in everything right? My students gave a surprise by showing up with loads of goodies and a big cute card. We got a double McDonald’s treat and I saw a Damon Salvatore Doppelganger in the metro. What more could I ask for?
Yes, it was unlucky in some ways but most of it was worth the praise. I am blessed, for the people in my life who make it beautiful.  Many colorful hues, in one journey of my life.


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