Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Lost hope and Sunshine

Its so often that we indulge in wishful thinking for what we don't have and are ungrateful for what we have. My bad, but yes, I am the same. Very often, I crib about my college or having no friends or having food which I don't like at all. Very often, I crib about me being fat and I crib about my family too. It is my utter inanity that I can't really be thankful. Even once. I cried in my college that day, out of sheer frustration and boredom. I see these three blind girls in my college, everyday. I decided not to make a fool of myself any more and took refuge at gazing at them through window. No, I don't know their names and don't even which year they belong to, which course. Anyhow, I saw two girls happily holding each other, giving each other support. One holding a plate of rajma chawal, other one holding a plate of kachori aloo. Where they went, I don't know. After the class got over, I saw the third girl I see often, hit an open door, I rushed to be at her side and she asked me to take her to the college office, she had to get some papers signed. The office, being a govt. Office, refused as usual. She then asked me to take her to the library. She held me as I took lead. On reaching library, she bid me goodbye by saying- why are you so sad? I didn't speak a word to her and she knew! Did she? Really? She went her way and I was dumbfound.

I see these people everyday, I used to crib against the reservation system for religious communities but not for them. I see them entering our college everyday now, see them smile, feel their empowerment. I see them walk through the college, to their class. God knows how they climb stairs, they are used to it, I guess. I can never ever imagine myself being that way, or adjusting so well, not complaining. I don't know how they go home or come to college, a special cab or parents picking them up or buses, its a few minutes encounter in college. I smile at them, they don't smile back. I remember when one of them danced at the freshers talent hunt at mujhe rang de and I had goosebumps. It requires courage to be on stage and seems that they had it. Steve jobs once said- your time is limited on earth. Try making most of it. I want to say,  sure time is limited but abilities are unlimited and I now make sure that I don't waste it. I write. Whenever I can. Whatever I can. I do my bit to be remembered. And whenever I am on the brink of being a nihilist, I remember those girls. I don't remember the last time I saw good in others. And guess what? I am happy. :)


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Meow said...

We keep cribbing... but when we see ppl like who you've mentioned in this post, we've to buck up and feel that we are way too lucky :) Good post & Stay Happy :)

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