Saturday, September 17, 2011

Champagne and Celebrations

Heya peeps. 

Its Celebration's time. Yay! My Blog completed 50 posts with this one. It is my happy occasion and it's all because of you, my PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS reader! Thank you, for being so regular and persistent on me for updates. Few bloggers, I would like to thank here, LEO, SONSHU, KUYERJUDD, SUR, TWEETY, NANKA, From whom I learnt so much, so much about poetry forms, haiku, limericks et al. 
I am overwhelmed because initially, I never thought this blog would be a success. Thanks for making it one. 
Thanks to my lovely Cheers, who decided impromptu to write a blog column here, though he is not regular here, He promised me to re start blogging. So check out this space for more Cheers-isms. :)
I would take this opportunity to thank a very special writer, two actually.. who made me read voraciously and talked to me on daily basis.. hearign my rant almost everyday, bearing with me. To Jia didi and Sookie. Thanks. Well, for everything. Jia didi, I love you. :) 
My best friend and a very budding blogger, Sur (FORGOTTEN MEMORIES) would like to add her own contribution to this blog, So here she is. 
Before I sign out, I thank you again, let's celebrate together, Keep reading. :) Happily. :) 


Hey guys
The awesome author of this blog has honored me with the chance to write the 50th(OMG! Really?) post of this blog. *Bows in gratitude*
Yeah, so after so many sweet, funny, soulful haikus, a bunch of awards and lovely comments, the blog is shining. I think its blushing (look closely).
I have been a reader here since its very first post. And it has been a real joy, to look at my blogroll and see an update. Though my dear friend had to give me reminders when I vanished from blogger, coming back was always a pleasure and I was always left asking for more.
The best part of this blog is it makes you feel warm. I can imagine its personified version spreading out its arms with a big smile. It feels great to be in a world full of colorful writing and thoughts after a tiring day. Also the style of writing completely rocks. You might think she bribed me to write this, but trust me I am pretty expensive and she spends all her money buying shoes. So this is all from my heart. J
My favorite post on this blog is very hard to pin down… I adore all the haikus. Particularly the images- they are so pretty and accurate! Also, one of the memorable posts is the Cheers one. I really laughed my head off when I read it. I wish he comes back *puppy dog eyes*
I really wish you keep writing brilliantly like this. I’m glad I am a reader of this mind blowing blog which gives us a peep into your creative mind. *Big hug*
Happy Writing!!!
This is for you-

Love Ivre. 

(Thanks Sur. <3 )

3 Your takes:

nirja said...

OMG! 50th post? Wowwww, congratulations! Or rather GRATULERE! where I am right now we wish saying so! I am so proud and happy! Thankyou so very much, for mentioning me as your inspiration! It should be me who should be thnaking you for making me part of your world! Love you loads and heres to lots and many more posts! CHEERS!

Lots and lots of love!

Nishtha said...

Congrats Ananya! i see i have a lot to like here learn from you... and as the time progresses, i know i am going to find more and more reasons to come back! :)

The Poetry Palace said...

well deserved.

hope all is well, come join poets rally today.

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