Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hunger and Hankering

Hunger and hankering
Today was an incongruent day. He, the arrogant one, the atheist melted under a beam of sunlight. An alcoholic, a pot smoker, he never did heed to the societal norms. He searched for bliss, true happiness. Far from the taunts and nagging of the world, he lived in a world beyond the world. Never would he have thought that he would find bliss here, of all places. He came here to find something to eat. He was hungry since last night and booze made him more hungry than he ought to be. The purple orb of the night had disappeared, giving room for the ting of crimson hue of the ever luminous.
He entered there. Knowing in his heart that his orthodox Hindu family would die of the shock of their son crossing the threshold of a mosque, he walked unsteadily. Since when did he start caring about people anyway? Taking a composed mind, turmoil in stomach, he went inside. He was unaware of the ceremony of performing ablutions. Being scolded for that, he dived into the pond inside and stayed inside the waters to cool his mind off. Never had the water felt so pure, so serene, and so cool, so mellowed. Something was about to change. He let himself float in the water for he was too drunk for reasoning and rationality. When he finally came out, he smiled. For the sheer reason of being eligible to get food now. Gosht. His stomach rumbled at the very thought of it. Something inside him propelled to move forward. He did but toppled over the floor. Strong arms protected him from falling. He looked up in a pair of brown eyes. The magnetism was so strong he couldn’t match the gaze. Looked down.
“Easy son!” was all he said. He pulled him back to normal, smiled, patted his head and walked away.
He was antsy. Watching him go, till he disappeared from the site was not his intention; he wanted to stop that man. Look into those soulful eyes again. Unconsciously, he moved towards the Dargah area. A pious smell filled the area. Khus Khus and Rose. Another thing he couldn’t put his finger on. Faint sarod music played far behind from where he was, but still could listen to the calming instrument. As he popped inside, his eyes closed. The pure reverences of the vicinity made him plunk on the floor and bow his head. Diaphanous contentment filled his mind, veneration suffused in his soul. There was absolutely nothing he could think of at that moment. Just sycophancy for his beloved. The satisfaction he so intensely searched was here. Here in his mind. In his heart. His heart leapt with joy. The ecstasy he felt was extra ordinary. He wished for things, haughtily, arrogantly, proudly. Never had his heart felt the need to bow. When he passed by, he couldn’t not refuse. Not complain just heed. Seek. Love.
He then knew that the lord himself had chosen to enlighten him. It was him. The venerable one, who held him when he was about to stoop low. He was content. He no longer felt hungry. He was sated. In that one moment of strength, he attained peace, he was enlightened.

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Sanchya Aggarwal said...

ur posts are always very different..n one can connect his/her self with it..coz at some point of time one has seen someone or maybe his own self in a situation like it's wonderful to read ur posts..n d best thing abt this is that u can always learn some very little yet indispensable keep up d good work..keep writing n keep motivating n inspiring us all.. :))

anshul kumar said...

I am proud of you..!!

MangoMan said...

Serene. Divine. Soothing. A seamless read. (:

Sylvia Ney said...

What a great blog. I really like this photo. I'm so glad I found you through the A to Z challenge. I look forward to visiting again.

V. Furnas said...

Great blog post. Glad I found you looking forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

you are a fantastic writer!

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

love your blog.

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

How are you?
Please consider making a contribution to poets rally week 43 today,
A free verse is appreciated, you rock!
See you soon.
Happy Thursday!
love your input at poetry potluck.
Placing your blog link in Jingle Poetry Blog Roll by Sunday..

Anonymous said...

Very nice write - you hooked me from the beginning until the end ... once our eyes are open - we do become enlightened and satiated. Thank you for sharing!

Bluebell Books said...

you truly got the writing gene in you.
a selling write, keep it up.

Bluebell Books said...


How are you?

Check out our short story slam today,

We love creativity, your contribution is invaulable to us.

Happy Saturday.


hope to see you share, a story or a poem, will work.

Poetry Potluck said...

Reminding you to join jingle poetry potluck week 41 tonight.
Any poems are welcome.
Always, your poetry is sunshine to us!
Bless your weekend.

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