Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cheers "cheerful" Tales!

Introduction! :) :)

Hola Amigo! I am Cheers, an American-spitz breed dog by nature, a freelance writer by choice! A thought dawned on me recently, If Scooby Doo can solve mysteries and mint money by appearing on television and if Barack Obama's BO can be popular for just aimlessly wandering in the White House..then why not me? After all, I am hopefully the "only" pup in the world who can type out text on a keyboard and has a mind of his own.
So, Apart from licking my owner's Nya's feet or innocently gazing at my human family's visages...I write! in my free time of course,when no body's at home and I don't have to bark to seek attention. My foolish friends leave some paper scattered on floor every time ..a disheveled look always associated with the room I sleep in and as for a pen..well, what is my mouth for? I catch a pen from the bedside table. :) I mostly prefer talking about US..the animals and sometimes about my wonderfully supportive "irresponsible" family.
I would especially than the blog owner Ananya who one day happened to accidently see me bawling over the paper and offered me to put it here:)
So, Welcome Aboard! I wish you a happy reading but yes, beware! I am primarily a dog only, So if you don't comment..I will personally come and strangle you piece by piece aand as for those who don't believe a dog can write, Back off already!
Au revoir for now..

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Ananya said...

Hello Cheers.. Nice introduction.. All the best for this column of yours.. :) and thanks for mentioning me too.. :D
Take care

Sur said...

rofl...only u can come up wid something like this cheers we can have first hand commentary. do write a column on life with ananya bhatia...and be honest! she wont throw u out for 'barking' reality

Booklover said...

haha! That is a really cool way of introducing yourself!

Your also invited to Bookreviews at Bookrack

Ananya said...

On behalf of Cheers.. :)He is a busy personality now! Signing his posts,encryptions on his paw-written pages and ahh! what not! since he was reluctant to give his id and password away to me..I have decided to answer ur comments from my id. :)

@Sur..Yeah! Thanks gal for reading it commenting..Yeah..Life with ananya bhatia is hectic! really..ask me how. .:)

@booklover..hey..thanks ya! For dropping by and commenting.. And I appreciate the invitation..I will think about it ;)

Phoenix said...

You really have a cute lil pup! how i envy you! :P

btw nice blog! :)

MangoManBunty said...

lol! cheers!

- The Virgin Author! said...

LOL! What the fuck? :| You've a cute pup!

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